Your Website

Easy, Affordable, Effective.

Websites no longer
need to come with
costly technical support or
outrageous hosting fees.

Creating Your Website

can be easy.

We will understand you,
understand your business,
then offer designs that reflect both.

Changing Your Website

can be easy.

You shouldn’t have to
refinance your business
just to update your website.

Changing Your Business

can be easy.

Don’t let short-comings
in your business become
visible on a new website.

Get A Website You Love

Easy, Affordable, Effective.


Caffeinated & Ready To Go

So Why the Name?

Well, it’s kind of the way we work around here: casual, relaxed – but fully caffeinated and ready to help you make a big change in your small business or organization. We can understand your big picture and then deliver detailed web solutions brewed with your specific goals and budget in mind.

Here’s the real pick-me-up: Unlike many web developers, we can help you become self-sufficient in managing your online presence.  And that will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run.  Best of all, we’ll work together every step of the way – maybe over a cup of coffee.

Let’s get started!

Create Your Vision.

Design and Create a New Website

An easy and affordable way to create your own web presence and tell the world who you are.

Make A Change.

Update Your Existing Website

Free yourself from costly hosting and web support fees. We can show you how to take back control.

Ask for Other Help.

Use Our Business Expertise:

Website Review, Editing & Organization
Business Writing
Small Business Analysis

From those who gave us a try:

“I always felt comfortable asking questions and Kim was always very quick to respond to them, translating the technical computer lingo into language I could understand.”

“I worked on a website in my previous job and spent thousands more than I did this time, yet had better, more comprehensive service with Kim.”

“Working with Kim and her company has been both cost efficient and hassle free.”

“Kim somehow gets everyone organized and, with her kind manner and attention to detail, brings it all together.”

“The manual Kim provided to maintain the website was very clear and concise, and much to my relief, simple!”



Located In

Ottawa, Canada

Serving the world.