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Easy. Affordable. Effective.

We will work to understand you, understand your business, then offer website designs that reflect both.

Create from Scratch.

An easy and affordable way to create your own web presence and tell the world who you are.

Update What You Have.

Does your current site need a lift? Make-over your message to make it modern and professional.

Go To The Next Level.

Your website can change your business and increase your bottom line. Let us show you how.

So Why The Name?

Well, it’s kind of the way we work around here: casual, relaxed – but fully caffeinated and ready to help you make a big change in your small business or organization. We can understand your big picture and then deliver detailed web solutions brewed with your specific goals and budget in mind.

Here’s the real pick-me-up: Unlike many web developers, we can help you become self-sufficient in managing your online presence. And that will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run. Best of all, we’ll work together every step of the way – maybe over a cup of coffee.


Caffeinated and Ready to Go.

We Build Great Websites…

… at great prices. What’s even better is that our fees are all you may ever have to pay. No technical support fees. No ongoing maintenance costs. You can manage your website all by yourself and we can show you how. We will even write it all down for you. Let us show you how to take back control.

How Many Beans?

Whether starting with a brand new website or changing an existing one, we will understand your online needs and get you on your way quickly, easily and within whatever budget you have. Here are some of the cost considerations behind a quote:


  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Number Of Interactive Features
  • Integration With Other Services
  • What Already Exists

A unique and professional starter website can be up and ready for business for as little as $500. Need something a little bigger? Talk to us! And then,

Our Commitment to you

Timely Support

Easily reachable. Completely approachable. You will never wonder when we will have time to get back to you.

Flexible Schedules

Sometimes the first priority isn’t building your website. We get that. And we can arrange our work so you can address the stuff that pays the bills.

Helpful Ideas

Do you know what today’s websites can do? And how they can contribute to the bottom line? We’d love to explain. (Over coffee of course.)

Clear Communication

Never be intimidated by technical terms or confused by industry jargon. We talk about technology in a way you will understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard it all before!
Are there other costs to create a new website?

All websites come with fees to:

  • register your website address (domain) and;
  • store it on a computer for the world to see (hosting).

We can help with domain registration and set you up with an appropriate hosting package for your site. If you need these services (or would like to improve your existing hosting deal), they will be charged in addition to quoted website costs. Domain and hosting services are typically renewed on an annual basis. Talk to us to find out what renewal terms might work best for you.

Do you maintain the websites you build?

As easy as it is to make changes to the websites we build, many people prefer to simply let someone else do the work. Let us know what works for you. We are happy to help. Services not described in the above packages (such as ongoing site maintenance or web content review) will be charged at an hourly rate of $75.

How long does it take to build a new website?

The duration of your project will depend upon the nature and complexity of your website’s requirements. Although a basic home page can be up on the internet in as little as a few days, you can typically count on a minimum of 4-6 weeks for a more complete, fully functional website.

Things you can do to help your project go quickly and smoothly:

  • have written content prepared electronically;
  • find a few images you like or collect professional photos for the site (head shots or logos for example);
  • think about the basic structure of your website; how many pages you will have and what each one will be about.

We can certainly assist and advise with all this but in general the more prepared you can be, the more quickly things will come together online.

What are Interactive Features?

Interactive features refer to functions on your website that allow people to interact with you or your business. For example, you may need your website to sell products, book appointments, collect payments or process information on forms. Ask us what your site can do!

Will my new website work on mobile devices?

Websites today need to be fully responsive, which means that they detect the kind of device they are being viewed on and “respond” accordingly. This usually means that for smaller, mobile devices an easier-to-read version of the site is presented for a smaller screen. We take care of all of that for you!

Behind It All

Who, then, is pounding the keyboard and drinking the coffee? That would be me, an eclectic blend of project manager, business analyst and self-confessed techno-geek. Yes I have a computer science degree and an e-commerce background but more than anything I could show you on a resumé this is the reason you want me to build your next website: I really love what I do!  You don’t have to take my word for it. Below is some of my work and what people are saying about it.

Kim Cable

Owner, Designer, Chief Coffee Drinker
(Sometimes it’s tea.)

What They Got…

What They Said…

“Working with Kim and her company has been both cost efficient and hassle free. My website is clean and crisp and has a personal feel that no one else has been able to create for me. I am continuously recommending this company to those who wish to create and maintain their own site. It has truly been a pleasure!”

Beth Collins
Former Owner, Hodge Podge Shoppe

“After a frustrating and time-wasting false start on my website redesign…I was lucky enough to meet Kim and I have to say the experience has been nothing short of outstanding. From our first meeting she was quickly able to determine what I was looking for and the whole project just flowed in a low stress consistent manner until completion. The fresh look and creative touches and content she created were truly a surprise as I had been expecting to have to come up with all the ideas and content myself. The content she created was far superior to what I would have created on my own. I love my new site and getting Kim to create it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my online presence.”

John Soucie
Owner, OdorXout Ottawa

“Looking awesome! My website finally feels like it reflects me. I will be recommending your services!”

Gina Pilon
Owner, Responsibly Healthy

“The thought of creating a website can be overwhelming. Kim has an amazing way of seeing the big picture and figuring out what each person needs to do. She somehow gets everyone organized and, with her kind manner, attention to detail and extensive “techie skills”, brings it all together. If you want an awesome website (and a pain-free process along the way) hire Kim!”

Charlotte Bradley
Fellow Web Designer

“I’ve worked with Kim and know first hand that her attention to detail is second to none. She’s a perfectionist (in a good way!) and you can be assured your project will be accurate and completed on time.”

Lesley Segal
Former Registrar, Manotick Nursery School

“Thanks so much for everything. Feedback from people on the site has been positive. You have made this experience soooo pleasant!”

Emily Alguire
Owner, Kars Massage Therapy

“Kim took the time to listen to my ideas so that she could help me create something that was true to my vision. I always felt comfortable asking questions, and Kim was always very quick to respond to them, translating the technical computer lingo into language I could understand. Kim is professional, knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with!”

Carolyn Vallejo
Owner, My Curious Mind Tutoring Services

“Kim very clearly and simply guided me through the whole process from start to finish. Any suggestions she had on improving the website, whether it be with text or the artistic feel, were always helpful and beneficial. The manual she provided to maintain the website was very clear and concise, and much to my relief, simple! I had worked on a website in my previous job and spent thousands (not kidding!) more than I did this time around, yet had better, more comprehensive service with Kim.”

Treena Hanschke
Manager, Maritime Sleep Clinic

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