Make A Change

Change is good.

You may already have a site you like.


And worked really hard to create. That’s great – you’ve already done a lot of the difficult stuff. But can you maintain your site easily, or do you need to contact a technical resource every time you want to update a price? Is that happening on a timely basis? And what is it costing you? Also, does your website work well on social media? On mobile devices?

There Is A Better Way.

With the right tools and some easy instruction, we can help you take advantage of the fact that websites no longer require costly on-call technical support. Or outrageous yearly hosting fees. A Keyboard & A Cup of Coffee can empower you to manage your website on your own terms, in your own time.

A Bit Of Fresh Paint.

Maybe just parts of your existing website need a bit of polish. Perhaps you’d just like to reorganize a few things. Maybe you want to explain a new idea to the world. Or maybe you need your site to work better with social media. We can work with what is already there and help make it better.

Something Bigger In Mind?

If you want to make some changes to your site that are a little more complicated, help is always here – as little or as much as you need. You shouldn’t have to re-budget your operating expenses just to update your website.

Want to get started? Have a look at our website pricing and see what works for you.

Looking for a new place to host your website?

This site is hosted by HostPapa. We like them because of their great prices and green technology! 100% Canadian. (So they are also really nice people.)
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Interested In Finding Out More?

We’d love to find out about your next project and get to know you better.