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Take A Good Look.


Sometimes creating a good website leads you to examine other parts of your operation. Do you have a solid business proposition? Do you have consistent branding or a good marketing strategy? Is your business focused on what it does best?

Mind The Gap.

Many businesses don’t consider how the short-comings in these and other areas can become very visible with a new online presence. And that can be costly. Lots of people can build websites. Fewer of us offer the experience required to identify good business practices and show you how your website can support them.

Get It Working For You.

Websites today don’t just announce your presence to the world. They can collect information, sell products or services and book appointments, to name a few. All that can allow you to focus your resources on other valuable tasks. Let us examine your business and come up with web-savvy solutions that can not only change the way you work, but also what you earn.

Been There. Done That.

On top of the technical know-how required to get you up and running online, A Keyboard & A Cup of Coffee brings over 12 years of business process consulting to the table. We’ve worked with large, complex global corporations, and it’s not a big leap to apply their business solutions to you.

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