Project Manager · Process Consultant  · Business Systems Analyst

Kimberly Cable

I created, managed and grew a web design and small business consultancy for the past 10 years, with over 60 clients nation-wide. Optimizing organizations excites me – ask me about how to make it faster, easier, cheaper or just better. Technology is always in my toolbox. Collaboration invigorates me. Project management is the foundation of everything I do, and I have been doing it for over 20 years for projects big and small. I enjoy sharing and teaching technology, in relatable ways, to people who are as excited about its potential as I am.

Passionate about life-long learning.
Always eager to look at something new.
Partner with me to navigate your next business change.

My Experience

Over 25 years in project management, systems development and business solution delivery

I began my career working for a large, global consulting firm, working primarily with the public service, consulting to both American and Canadian federal governments. My experience and training focuses on process design, a specialty that transforms traditional corporate operations to more focused value-added activities – often through the use of technology. I have managed several projects, large and small.

I was part of several eCommerce initiatives during the emergence of the dot-coms. This required me to understand, evaluate and build approaches to improve internet applications. This work provided insight into new eBusiness models impacting corporations, and gave me the opportunity to develop technology skills relative to internet-based business solutions.

A Keyboard & A Cup of Coffee


Business Owner, Project Manager, Web Designer

Web design, development and business process improvement serving over 60 clients nation-wide.

Various Boards of Directors


Executive Officer, Board Director

Sat as an executive on Boards of Directors for 9 not-for-profit organizations over 15 years, improving their business operations and increasing revenue streams.



Project Manager and SAP Specialist

Managed teams that changed the work of thousands of employees, streamlined hundreds of processes, combined tens of disconnected databases into a single information resource. Achieved an annual benefit stream of millions.

My Focus: Fitting all the pieces together to make everything work in the best possible way.


Queen’s University

Kingston, Ontario

Bachelors of Science, Honours

Computing and Information Science


Skills and Training

A Blend OF

Large enterprise-wide systems integration together with with smaller e-business design and web development expertise

Experience and know-how together with a love of learning and lots of curiosity

Technical understanding together with a knack for explaining it to non-technical people

  • Project Management
  • Systems Development – Life Cycle and Agile
  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Website Design and Development

Extensive use of:

  • Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio)
  • Google Applications (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Analytics, Groups)
  • Various Apple Mac and iOS Apps
  • Internet Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Web Development Tools (WordPress, HTML5, CSS)
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • SAP ERP – Materials Management (MM) Production Planning (PP) and Sales & Distribution (SD)

Industry Exposure

  • Canadian Federal Government
  • Departments of Defense
  • Departments of Public Works
  • National Postal Organizations
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Small Business Operations

Functional Experience

  • Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Conversion
  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Resource Planning
  • Procurement
  • Systems Performance Support
  • Web Design and Development

Management Expertise

  • Business Case Management
  • Business Writing and Presentations
  • Change Management
  • Client Management
  • Communication Planning
  • Issue Management
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Organizational Improvement
  • Proposal Development
  • Process Design
  • Risk Management
  • Systems Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Design
  • Solution Planning
  • Team Building
  • Work Plan Development

I’ve Worked With…

Detailed Work Experience

2010 – PRESENT

Project Manager, Web Designer, Solutions Consultant

  • Creates custom-designed websites that creatively expresses who businesses are and what they do while helping streamline key business processes.
  • Manages and implements web projects from proposal development to testing and training, serving clients across more than 20 industries nation-wide.
  • Establishes and optimizes social media accounts, integrating and leveraging website blogs.
  • Analyzes and re-designs business processes, with supporting web infrastructure, realizing time and cost savings for over 60 businesses and organizations.

2019 – PRESENT

Web and Online Services Coordinator

  • Enabled technologies to help streamline business processes and promote communications across a membership of 80+ businesses and the business community at large.
  • Developed new website and increased social media presence to better promote the association and improve membership application, marketing and communications.
  • Leveraged contact management tools to promote communications and gain insight to our membership.
  • Worked with Board of Directors to re-develop foundational documents related to association governance.

(and other organizations)

2004 – 2018

Executive Officer or Board Director (part-time)

  • Helped establish an informational website and introduced financial processes. Installed and maintained a new lunch ordering system for 700 students. Managed a lunch program grossing over $125,000 annually. (Kars on the Rideau School Council)
  • Led and organized teams of parent volunteers in fundraising initiatives. Led a campaign to raise over $70,000 for new play structures in under 18 months. (Manotick Public School Council)
  • Created and led a new location chapter and attracted new members. Chaired weekly meetings and grew the business network. Designed process improvements for record keeping, payments and reporting. (Phoenix Business Exchange, Business Breakfast Club)
  • Planned and organized a registration campaign for a community nursery school including advertising and payment processing. (Manotick Cooperative Nursery School)
  • Led and directed a board of volunteer parents to run all business aspects of a local nursery school: registration, finances, marketing, fundraising and event planning. (Metcalfe Cooperative Nursery School)
  • Helped establish a new community website and fundraised record amounts for annual community festival attracting over 5000 people. Led and mediated political discussions on several municipal issues. (Greely Community Association)
  • Helped lead the establishment of a new non-profit organization to support young rural families who have difficulty accessing family services more readily available in urban areas. Drafted articles of incorporation, developed marketing strategies, defined job descriptions, developed orientation manuals. (Rural Family Connections)
1991 – 2003

Project Manager and SAP Functional Specialist

  • Led several teams that developed and implemented technology solutions to improve clients’ productivity. Enabled clients to become high-performance businesses and governments.
  • Managed teams on a Business Transformation program that changed the work of 12,000 employees, streamlined hundreds of processes, combined 67 disconnected databases into a single information resource. It invested over $300 million to achieve an annual benefit stream of $150 million.
  • Consulted to national postal organizations both in Canada and the U.S. along with other federal government departments such as Treasury Board Secretariat and Public Services and Procurement Canada.
  • Certified in SAP’s suite of business software on SAP Inventory Management, Materials Resource Planning, Asset Management, Purchasing, Invoice Verification and SAP Project Management.
  • Led a large, custom development team, based locally and remotely, where I estimated, planned, resourced and executed over 1000 days of conversion, extension, report and form development for over 250 work objects.
  • Trained in and executed process design, recognizing inefficient operational functions to re-design them into more focused value-added activities. This includes work in change management, transitioning organizations and their people into new business and technology processes.



SECRET Security Clearance

Government of Canada

SAP Functional Certification
SAP and ABAP Project Management

SAP Partner Academy
Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales & Distribution (SD)

Covey Leadership Training

Principle Centred Leadership Training


English – Native
French – Beginner/Intermediate

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