About This Little Company

Who I am and how I got here.

Kim Cable

Owner, Manager, Chief Coffee Drinker

Who, then, is pounding the keyboard and drinking the coffee? That would be me, an eclectic blend of project manager, business analyst and self-confessed techno-geek.

This is where I was going to describe qualifications like a computing science degree, my experience with a global consulting firm, professional training and the long list of corporate clients I’ve worked for. Instead, let me give you the shorter version.

  • Website Developer 60% 60%
  • Project Manager 25% 25%
  • Business Analyst 15% 15%
  • Coffee Drinker (sometimes it’s tea) 90% 90%

My job in IT consulting was challenging, rewarding, fast paced and high profile – the kind of stuff you dream about doing when you are in school trying to figure out what to do with your life. I loved what I did but began to question the long hours and constant travel.

So now I live differently. I work from home and spend more time with family and friends. I volunteer for community causes and local schools. And I do things that come with different kinds of challenges and rewards. But with all the change one thing has remained the same: I’m still behind my computer building websites! Not the big corporate ones that cost millions of dollars. I like working for the little guy because you shouldn’t need a deep corporate bank account to have a really good website. That’s why A Keyboard & A Cup of Coffee was born.

More than anything I could show you on a resumé, this is the reason you want me to build your next website: I simply love doing it. And I work hard doing what I love. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is some of my work and what people are saying about it.

Timely Support

Easily reachable. Completely approachable. You will never wonder when we will have time to get back to you.

Flexible Schedules

Sometimes the first priority isn’t building your website. We get that. And we can arrange our work so you can address the stuff that pays the bills.

Helpful Ideas

Do you know what today’s websites can do? And how they can contribute to the bottom line? We’d love to explain. (Over coffee of course.)

Clear Communication

Never be intimidated by technical terms or confused by industry jargon. We talk about technology in a way you will understand.



Located In

Ottawa, Canada

Serving the world.